01 August 2008

On the side...

The two of you who read this may notice the new button on the side.
One of my secret pleasures in the blogosphere is reading Mommy-blogs. Hence the link to dooce over there and to Kirsten's blog which is always a good read.

Don't read anything into this. Most of you who read this know the DH and I and probably have a pretty good idea of the disaster the act of our procreating would bring on the world. Nobody wants that...except for my mother-in-law.

So, why do I read these blogs? I don't know. They are funny. When they are not funny, they are thought provoking in ways I don't normally encounter.

The new button will send you over to Motherhood Uncensored, where Kristen Chase explains her plan to Blog the Recession. Click. and then click around some more. Oh, and be sure to go check out Redneck Mommy, it's the latest addition to my growing list of regularly read mommy-blogs.
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